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33, Panna, Everywhere is good where I am!, Haiti
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Dôležité detaily používateľa Extaziya000
Sex Trans
Zaujímam sa o Ženy, Páry, Trans
Vek 33
Výška 186 - 195 cm
Hmotnosť 71 - 80 kg
Vlasy Červenovláska
Oči Zelené
Etnický pôvod Biely/Kavkazan
Jazyky Angličtina, Ruština
Rodné mesto Haiti
Ochlpenie Vyholená
Poprsie Malý
Zadok Malý
Penis Veľký
Čo ma vzrušuje
First of all, I am turned on by the liberated, sexy, female beauties. Moreover, it may not be a top model, every girl has a zest! For example, a pretty face, and I all dripped, and if I add neat, trimmed pussies, pussy lips to this face, then I'm ready to drown myself in it!
Secondly, to be honest, despite the fact that I love to transform into a girl, this does not mean at all that male members excite me, rather it excites me - the femininity inherent in some men. Namely, a complete image, a well-groomed body, without thickets, in other words, the same girl but only with a member!
And finally, third, I had sexual intercourse only with girls, and I keep my ass, for that beautiful person who will accept me with my deviation in the form of dressing up!
O mne
I am young handsome successful promising! And I also love being a girl!
Čo ma rozladí
Morons who throw off their Dicks. Do you really think I'm interested in them and want to look at them? Definitely not.
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Зубы (имплантация, эстетичность, необходимость)
Зубы (имплантация, эстетичность, необходимость)
My teeth have been in pain since the cradle. By the age of 35, almost everyone had fallen into disrepair. As a result, a couple of their own will remain, everything else is implants. Cost 4.988$ Dreams come true, the main thing is to believe! Зубы моя боль с пелёнок. К 35 годам, практически все пришли в негодность. В итоге, своих пара останется, все остальное, импланты. Стоимость 4.988$ Мечты сбываются, главное верить!
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so sexyyyyyy